Time Card Template

A time card is a card that is either filled by an employee working in an office or is stamped by time clock. A time card is used for recording the starting and the quitting time of an employee on a daily basis in a working environment. The process of tracking as well as reporting the start time and the end time of an individual’s work in office is considered to be a very important process that is required to be followed by every individual working in an office irrespective of the fact that whether he or she is serving at a position of project lead, individual contributor of a project or even a completely independent contractor. Keeping and submitting a detailed report of the in time and the out time of an employee is a very important step or rule that is required to be followed by every individual in an office. It is only because of this reason that there are many offices that have employed a separate bench of personnel and the main job of this personnel is to keep a track of the in and the out time of the employees working in any particular office. Many a times, it has been found that large companies and offices make use of advanced and modern time-tracking tools and project management equipments in order to carry out proper administration in an office and also to keep a record of the timings of an individual in the office or the company. But, those offices who like to go for the simple methods that can be used for keeping a record of the timings of their employees at work, the excel Time Card Template serves to be the best. The excel time card template is not only efficient and simple but it also takes very little time to carry out the most important of tasks.

Time Card Template The Usefulness of Excel Time Card Template

The excel time card template is very effective in helping an individual track his or her time at office efficiently and quickly. The only thing that is required to be done over here is opening the time card template from excel and then starting to enter the information. The time card template that is found in excel is set up in such a way that it displays the week days and at the same time it also helps in automatically breaking out the hours that are entered in the form of daily, total and total overtime hours and therefore an individual is not required to do all this on his own.

Opening the Time Card Template in Excel

Excel time card template is already there on the computer of an individual and the only thing that is required to be done is opening the template. In order to open the excel time card template, the following steps should be followed:

•    Start excel.

•    New should be clicked on the file menu and the new workbook task pane will open on the right hand side of the computer screen.

•    In the new workbook task pane, on my computer should be clicked under the category called Templates.

•    Spreadsheets solutions tab should be clicked in the templates dialog box and then Time Card Template should be clicked followed by an Ok.

•    Save as should be clicked on the file menu.

•    The time card location should be selected in the Save in dialog box and the name of the file should be entered and then Save should be clicked.

Fitting the Time Card Template according to Individual Requirements

The time card template can easily be modified if it does not communicate the information that is required by an individual. the time card template on excel is quite flexible and it can help an individual maintain proper timings even if the timings are being reported to the supervisor, payroll department or to any client. The default labels in the time card template can also be changed according to requirements. All these reasons clearly support the point that excel time card template serves to be very effective and useful for individuals working in an office.